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Flow of the Day

In a nutshell:

Thursday, November 2nd, 2023
9am - 7pm

This FREE event has both virtual AND in-person portions. 

9am to 1pm: Virtual panels for continuing education credits (CEU) through NYU

2:15pm to 5pm: In-person events for young adults and early career professionals

5pm - 7pm: In-person reception 

Catering by Pippali


Welcome - Let's Jam! - Cindy Gray

What does "decolonizing mental health" mean to you?

Jam out to some music while we get settled in for the day and share your thoughts on what "decolonizing mental health" means to you on a collective, participant-centered jam board. 


Setting the Stage - Sahnah Lim, PhD, MPH, MIA

What does "decolonizing mental health" even mean?

This "setting the stage" portion will provide a broad overview of prevalence, risk factors, and evidence-based interventions among AAPI youth. Some current issues and challenges around decolonization of AAPI youth mental health will also be presented. 


Keynote Speaker - Jacob Ham, PhD

Talk and Q&A

Check back soon for details on this talk!


Selected Virtual Panels

Please plan to attend one of the panels below

1. Decolonizing Mental Health in Research: Population-based data on AAPI mental health are often limited, small, not disaggregated, not intersectional, and do not provide the full scope of the mental health crisis seen in our AAPI youth in our communities. Join this panel to hear experts  from various academic and community-based perspectives discuss their research with AAPI youth, and guide how we can better sharpen the picture of AAPI mental health. 

  • Facilitated by: Liza King, MPH

  • Panelists: Crystal Han, MD | Medha Ghosh, MPH | Tara Kan, MA | Andrew Subica, PhD 

2. Creating safe and affirming spaces for AAPI families caring for relatives with mental health needs: A conversation between AAPI caregivers to discuss the unique challenges and strengths of AAPI caregivers, and how clinicians can create safe spaces for AAPI caregivers to share their experiences and build community. 

  • Facilitated by: Linh An, PhD

  • Panelists​​:  Subha Bolisetty | Parantap Pandya | Grace Hu | Zhanyang (John) Zhang

3. Decolonizing mental health with AAPI-identifying clinicians: A panel of diverse API clinicians sharing their best practices and view points on decolonized mental health and how other clinicians can implement this lens in their practice. 

  • Facilitated by: Han Nguyen, LMSW

  • Panelists: Gabriela M. Fullon (Biba Fullon), LMHC | Robin Mele, LCAT | Daniel Tanh, LCSW | Tristan Madeja Vizconde, LCSW | Keali'i Kauahi, Psy D.


Panel Shareback

Facilitated by the Liza King, MPH

Coming together as a symposium community to share takeaways, lessons learned & new ideas after experiencing the thought-provoking panels. 

12: 45pm

Closeout for virtual events - Han Nguyen, LMSW

Thank you for attending our virtual events! We hope to see you at the in-person events and/or the reception!

For those planning to attend the in-person events, please use this time to travel to NYU Medical Science Building at 435 E30th Street (PREFERRED ENTRANCE) or 540 1st Ave.


In-person Welcome - Cindy Gray

Held in Schwartz Lecture Hall E

Welcome and transition to in-person events with descriptions of upcoming panels and breakout sessions. 


In-person panel

Held in Schwartz Lecture Hall E

Educational pathways to careers in mental health: Interested in mental health and different pathways to working in the field? Join this panel to hear how a diverse set of professionals navigated their educational journeys, how AAPI identities impacted their career choices, and how these professionals define and integrate mental health and decolonization into their work.

  • Facilitated by: Florence Almeda & Linh An, PhD

  • Panelists: Crystal Huang, MSW | Jiepin Cao, PhD | Evelyn Kuang, DNP | Asuna Osako, LMSW, RDT | Yikai Xu



A moment to reflect & snacks!

Take a moment to reflect on takeaways and lessons learned from the panel & transition to workshops. 



Please plan to attend one of the workshops below.

  1. Mindfulness as a way to manage stress - Facilitated by Naiyi Huang. Check back soon for more details on this workshop! Held in Room G06.

  2. Dance as a form of healing: Turning trauma into strength - Kinding Sindaw. Held in Schwartz Lecture Hall E. 


Closing Remarks - Linh An, PhD

Held in Schwartz Lecture Hall E.

Linh An, PhD on takeaways from the symposium, and transitioning to the reception.



Hosted in the NYU Medical Sciences Building at 435 E30th Street (PREFERRED ENTRANCE) or 540 1st Ave.

Refreshments and food will be served. Catering by Pippali.

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