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Meet the Student Ambassadors


Christina Kwan

School: Macaulay Honors College at HBSON

Major: Nursing

Favorite Asian comfort food: Hotpot 

To me, “collected” means:

 maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It’s the ability to set goals for myself while recognizing my own limitations. "Collected" is a mentality that I’m still trying to settle into, one that allows for both ambition and rest and celebrates the little victories.

Charlotte Wan

School: New York University

Major: Media, Culture, and Communication

Favorite Asian comfort food:

HK-Style Macaroni Soup

To me, “collected” means:

having a community to fall back on when I need help. As I work towards establishing my own identity as an individual, it's comforting to know that there are people who will remind me of who I am when I feel the most lost and still give me enough space to grow and develop by myself.

Deborah Ruiz

School: Wesleyan University

Major: Psychology and Economics

Favorite Asian comfort food:

Kimchi Jiggae

To me, “collected” means: 

having people who understand and accept my experiences. As I delve into my 20s I'm learning more about myself and how to value who I am. Through our projects, I hope to not only continue my self-growth but also to advocate the self-growth of the members of the "collected" community.


Gomeo Lam

School: Montclair State University

Major: Psychology

Favorite Asian comfort food: Kimchi Fried Rice

To me, “collected” means: 

opportunity to break down boundaries and stigma that has been set for generations. It is a movement to normalize and address human facets, particularly mental health, which is the driving force of every action, innovation, expression, rule, and impact made in our society.

Stephanie Lin

School: Bucknell University

Major: Biology

Favorite Asian comfort food:

Seafood Tofu Soup

To me, “collected” means:

reconciling with my cultural identity and my past. It means to recognize Asian American culture for its good and its bad and learning to heal within my community rather than distancing myself from it. "Collected" for me means to address and remove the rifts mental health stigma causes within Asian American communities so that we can understand and support each other better. 

Susanna Kim

School: Wesleyan University

Major: History and Hispanic Literatures and Cultures

Favorite Asian comfort food:

Kalbi Jjim

To me, “collected” means:

being able to adapt to any situation in my life. It's knowing that all these experiences, both good and bad are valuable. It's learning how to rebound from any setback, while also remembering it's okay to ask for help along the way. 


Ivan Ip

School: Boston College

Major: Finance, Information Systems

Favorite Asian comfort food: Chinese Steamed Egg

To me, “collected” means:

being true to yourself while being acknowledged and respected. To be collected is to understand that highs and low are all part of the journey. It is what you make of it that defines who you are. 

Current Projects

+Collected Voices, a cross-campus initiative by +Collected's Student Ambassadors, is a compilation of mental health narratives by Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) college students. 

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