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Hello! Meet Sabrina Huynh.

~Hello~ I’m Sabrina Huynh, use she/her pronouns, and am a first-generation Vietnamese American! I’m a senior at Mount Holyoke College and study East Asian Studies and English but currently attend Zoom University from my hometown in Stockton, California. I’m really interested in how oral history and storytelling can start processes of community healing and building. I think the work we conduct through +Collected will be instrumental in advancing the dialogue around Asian American issues, and I’m especially drawn to examining the role Asian Americans can play in challenging and dismantling oppressive systems.

This past summer, I received funding to assist Professor Iyko Day in her research about nuclear colonialism and resource extraction in Indigenous communities and the adverse effects on Indigenous peoples and land. Recently, I accepted a position as an editorial intern for diaCRITICS, a blog that showcases stories and art from (but not exclusive to) the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diaspora, and which was founded by Pulitzer Prize winner and scholar, Viet Thanh Nguyen. In my spare time, I like to make Vietnamese desserts like chè (sweet pudding) or bánh da lợn (pandan jelly cake) with my mom or watch horrifying or amusing (sometimes both) movies with my sisters. I also love singing, especially with my acappella group on campus, The Victory Eights!


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